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Welcome to the Good Practice Blog - It is always nice to see and hear of new approaches to masonic issues. If you have a practice that you consider to be working/successful within your Lodge that other lodges may benefit from please pass this information to the Provincial Grand Mentor so that he can share it with the Mentoring community.

Of course there is no obligation for you to take any action whatsoever. Always remember that Lodge preferences will differ, as Lodge Mentor you must consider the best practice for your Lodge and advise/not advise your members/committee accordingly.


ProvGMen - If anyone is interested in a series of information packs for their new members please contact me and I will forward you a set. The information packs available are; 1. Entered Apprentice, 2. Fellow Craft, 3. Master Mason & 4. Lodge Mentor. They have been issued by Universal Lodge No. 8219 since 2009 and are handed to the individual (after their respective ceremony) at the next LOI meeting. These packs can be altered/edited to represent your lodge.



Michael H - Rivermead Lodge

Dear Mark

Just loaded App on my phone, what a great way in moving forward and tool to use. S & F Michael


Andrew W - Plantagenents Lodge

Dear Daniel,

Thank you both for an informative workshop this evening. I'm sorry I couldn't stay to chat but needed to get to my Lodge LOI. DC/Preceptors curse...

I must say that I agreed with everything you said regarding mentoring not only junior brethren but those coming through the chair and beyond...


Andrew A, Lodge Mentor - Wheatsheaf Lodge

Hi Gents

You may remember when we met at Welling with Keith Fairweather, he mentioned the fact that we do a table brochure for each meeting and felt it was a very good idea.

This is in fact done by W Bro Colin T as he has been the Ass. Secretary over the last few years.

It is always well received and does add a personal touch. Especially for those who are involved in ceremonies etc.

I have attached a copy of one that Colin did when Keith came to our lodge as it is the only one I have for myself !

I hope it opens up OK

Outside Cover

Inside Cover  

Ray H, Lodge Mentor - Trismegistus Lodge

Greetings Mark,

Both Candidates were Passed at the meeting of Trismegistus Lodge 9020.

After the ceremony both candidates were informed on certain aspects of the Passing Degree, including their preparation, and the symbolism of the degree.

A further explanation of the origins of the Password was given and the meanings of certain answers to the questions leading from the first to the second degree such as:

When a Lodge is Just.

When it is Perfect

When it is Regular

Also the "Perfect Points of my Entrance" were fully explained.

Every EA under UGLE jurisdiction gives these replies but so very few are ever told what the replies actually signify. We ensure that our Brethren are fully informed.

Trismegistus Lodge is a Lodge of Research and fulfil that aspect to the full. We have regular explanations of all aspects of the 3 degrees of the Craft, much at the time of the Degree. Symbolism, History and the actual meanings of much of the ceremonies are regularly explored and explained.

I, as Mentor, work strictly within your prime definition, as a teacher. I do not cloud the passing on of Masonic Knowledge with issues of finance or Charity that is the responsibility of the Charity Steward and Almoner. The well-being and happiness of our newer Brethren is the concern of all but primarily that of their Proposer and Seconder. We believe we have the balance right.

Furthermore our Lodge of Instruction is precisely that, as the newer Lodge Officers go through the duties, full explanations are given for all their work.

So rather than having a Lodge of Rehearsal ours truly is a Lodge of Instruction.

You should come along and see what we do when we "Raise" the Candidates.

Kindest regards

Andrew A, Lodge Mentor - Wheatsheaf Lodge 

In the Wheatsheaf lodge, I make sure the new initiate is introduced to his mentor immediately after the meeting, if indeed he is likely to be a different personal from his Proposer or Seconder. 

I also, make sure the new member is given a "Lodge Explanation".  This consists of a Lodge Map of the positions of the respective officers in the lodge and their general roles. 

This means that at LOI, he will have a better understanding of where and why particular officers are situated and how they fall into the overall picture of the lodge.

Often, we will also run through the degree again at a convenient LOI and take the New member through the ceremony again and explain some of the points.

ProvGMen - Information Leaflet 1 - Layout of a Lodge Room & Etiquette may assist other Lodge Mentors, if they too would like to issue a handout.

Stephen C, Assistant Group Mentor - Group 4 Welling

"Recently I attended an initiation at Patterson Lodge 913 where they carried out the same ceremony as attached Since then I have written (down) the ceremony and I have called a committee meeting to discuss this and to include it at our next ceremony, which is an initiation."

Steve B, Lodge Mentor - Richard of Bordeaux Lodge

"At the Richard of Bordeaux Lodge No 8333 after a candidate has been initiated, the Lodge Mentor introduces him to his Personal Mentor, who gives some further words of welcome and encouragement and hands to him a starter pack.

I put this together and the contents consist of several selected pages downloaded and printed out from the Masonic Mentoring web site (I believe many Masons still are not aware of the website). This includes his questions for the next Degree, roles of the officers, info about the festive board etc etc and really helps them to understand the format of the Lodge as obviously on the day it can all go over their head. We also personalise the pack. I am fortunate that I have a heat binder so it really does look nice and is something for the candidate to keep. All of the information is readily available from the site and obviously in doing this it is also a good plug for the website. I am happy to confirm what documents I have included but obviously every Lodge may have different ideas."

Trevor J, Secretary - Alma Lodge

"We have recently introduced a two-tiered approach to our Lodge of Instruction evenings. Our new approach is that each Monday we have the usual start time of 8pm but each alternate Monday we also have an earlier start time of 6.30pm. This earlier start time appears to appeal to those with young families, who otherwise would not attend LOI. Although it is considered 'early days' yet, the response had been promising."