West Kent Mentoring - Part 9 - Speeches, Stories, Talks & Toasts

This provides a reference library for speeches, stories, talks and toasts. These can be downloaded, individualised and adopted by individuals and/or lodges to suit.

It is hoped that in time this section will also become a 'Member's Area', where members can submit a paper on a particular subject (a subject already referenced and/or indexed within this section or of a subject of their own volition) for consideration by a Mentoring Committee, who in turn will consider each paper and publish within the appropriate section accordingly, thus providing recognition to the author (and his lodge) of the submitted paper. This interactive dialogue with the membership will ensure that each 'Member's Area' is contemporary and reflects the views and opinions of some of its members. Each paper will however carry a disclaimer along the lines of:-

The enclosed information is supplied for the purpose of individual interest, research and/or discussion. It does not represent the official view of the Province of West Kent or its executive or membership and should not be relied upon as such. Wherever possible alternate meanings and conclusions have been provided.

To submit a paper for consideration send it to: webmaster@westkentmentoring.org.uk clearly indicating which section you would wish the paper to appear.




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